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U4H foodbank is a non-profit and charitable cause. We distribute food to those who have difficulty in purchasing enough food. Until recently there was little need for foodbanks, however, numbers have grown rapidly. The increase in the dependency on foodbanks has been blamed on the continuous fall of living standards and lack of wages increase. Other factors includes the cuts to the welfare system and caps on the total amount of welfare support a family can claim.

This has increased the economic problems for those on low income.

At U4H, our foodbank is run on the basis of salvaging and distributing food. Food that would otherwise go to waste. Additionally, great emphasis is placed on supporting and feeding the hungry, homeless and unemployed.

First the food is collected, sorted, and reviewed for quality, by Fareshare and Foodshare. Then our U4H’s foodbank distributes it directly to the hungry on a regular basis. Our largest source of food comes from manufacturers, distributors and retailers who in the normal course of business have excess food that they cannot sell.

U4H’s foodbank operates on a non-profit basis. We distribute food to the needy, not to food retailers. There is no charge to the individuals and all costs of storage and distribution are covered by U4H.

We fully understand the desperation of the people who turn to the foodbank. However, in our experience we’ve found people accessing the foodbanks grateful both for the food and for the warmth and kindness they receive from the volunteers.

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Where & When we Operate this Foodbank?

We are fully committed to providing food aid to people in need, regardless of their background. U4H Foodbank operates from 44 Broadway, Peterborough, PE1 1RS every Friday from 10am to 2pm.

Our Foodbank Partners

U4H is extremely grateful to the following companies who support our food bank. In particular…

  • Co Op
  • Tesco
  • Food For Nought
  • Desserts R Us
  • Adams Cash & Carry
  • and other Local Businesses

With the help of these business we proudly distribute over 200kg (approx) of food amongst the poor and needy people every week.

How can you qualify for Foodbank?

Our Foodbank works with referral agencies to issue food vouchers to those in need. Every day people in the UK go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to receiving an unexpected bill whilst on a low income. Food banks make a big difference. They can help prevent crime, housing loss, family breakdown and mental health problems.

Our foodbank referrals come from professionals such as Citizen Advice Bureaus, Job Centre and local community organisations. These professionals identify people in crisis and refer them to us.

How to get help from our Foodbank?

  1. Get in touch with our foodbank
    Either by telephone or email and explain your situation. Then we will be able to tell you which referral agency we work with in the area and how you can get a voucher / card. Here you will need to fill your application.
  2. A visit will be arrange to the referral agency specified by our foodbank
    You will be interviewed to discuss being issued with a foodbank voucher if appropriate.
  3. Once cleared, then a voucher/ card will be issued, which you can then use in our Food Bank.
    At U4H foodbank, you will be met by our volunteers who will assist you with your food parcel.

Our volunteers are also on hand to signpost people to agencies able to solve the longer-term problem.

Please note that you must have a food voucher / card in order to receive help from our foodbank.

Our Foodbank is not possible without the help of …

Donate Food to Foodbank


Fareshare is the UK’s longest running food redistribution charity. They were born out of the belief that no good food should go to waste, especially when people are going hungry.

Basically, they save good food from going to waste. Tens of thousands of tonnes from the food industry. This food is then redistributed around the UK to charities and community groups. Including foodbanks, homeless shelters, who can turn it into meals for vulnerable people.

Last year they redistributed enough food for 36.7 million meals, which is a huge achievement.

Co Op Food Share

We all hate the feeling of throwing food away, especially when we know it’s still delicious and perfectly edible, which is why we’ve joined with Co-op Food Share, a programme designed to reduce food waste locally.

What is Co-op Foodshare?

Co-op Food Share is a new, national food redistribution programme that enables stores / food banks to donate good quality food directly to local community groups.

Usually some food that can’t be sold to customers at the end of each day can be offered for free to approved partners, such as U4H. This can be put to good use feeding people in the community.

Foodshare is committed to collecting fresh food from stores regularly and reliably. They use food donations to feed people in the community. Plus they are a not-for-profit organisation. Additionally, they are registered with the local authority.

The food they distribute varies depending on what’s available on the day.

All of the store’s surplus food can be collected before its expiry date in the evening (within 2 hours of closing time). Donations will typically be bakery, fruit and veg and also some fresh meat and chilled products. Occasionally, supplying some longer life tins, packets and bottled products.

Get in Touch

If there’s anything you need to ask before applying, just drop us an email at info@u4h.org.uk

To apply, simply fill in an application form. The form is really easy to complete and asks a few details.

Following submission of the form you will be informed if your application has been approved. Once approved, contact us to kick off the relationship and arrange future collections.

More Than Just a Foodbank

We are more than just a foodbank. Our volunteers are always on hand to provide a listening ear, therefore, if you need someone to listen to your problems.

Finally, we’ve been covering the areas of Peterborough and Birmingham since 2014.

Highlights from Our Foodbank