• Indonesia Quake Appeal

Indonesia Earthquake Appeal

On 5th August 2018, a devastating 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck the Indonesian island of Lombok.

Being located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, Indonesia has suffered two earthquakes in quick succession in the past weeks, costing hundreds of lives on the island of Lombok and on neighbouring islands. Sadly, these numbers are rapidly increasing.

Thousands of buildings have been damaged and rescue efforts are being hampered by power outages, a lack of equipment and a lack of phone reception in some areas.

U4H has launched an Indonesia Earthquake appeal delivering aid to isolated areas of the Indonesian island. Your donations will provide urgent medical assistance, food and water supplies to those affected by this natural disaster.

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2018 Earthquake In Indonesia

This powerful 6.9 magnitude quake is now known to have killed hundreds of people and left at least 20,000 people homeless.

The effects of the Indonesia earthquake were also felt on the neighbouring islands of Bali and Gili.

U4h Indonesia Earthquake appeal aims to reach those trapped in these areas where rescue missions have been hampered by collapsed bridges, electricity blackouts and damaged roads blocked with debris.

With the death toll rising everyday, It’s a race against time to help save lives.

This latest Indonesian earthquake struck just 10km underground, and was followed by a series of strong aftershocks, prompting many to spend the night under the open sky. With shortage of food, water and medication the estimated number of victims will rise.

The Indonesian quake has caused extensive damage in the north of Lombok. A mosque was collapsed during the evening prayer time and it believed that most of the worshipers were buried alive. Lack of heavy equipment and difficulty in reaching the remote parts of the island has caused excessive amount of delay in the rescue efforts.

Some of the worst affected areas still haven’t been reached. The recovery process will be a long-term process due to collapsed bridges, electricity blackouts and damaged roads blocked with debris. This is why it is extremely important to support this ongoing cause and help the Indonesian people through Indonesia Earthquake appeal.

Unite 4 Humanity On The Ground

Unite 4 Humanity has been providing aid work in Africa, Pakistan, Middle East and Bangladesh since 2012. We have successfully completed numerous projects and have many charity projects in the pipeline for the coming months and years.


Right now, we are on the ground building local links within the Indonesian affected communities. We realise the importance of stepping up the aid efforts. Therefore, the links we build with the local volunteers and rescue personnel will speed up the process of erecting more temporary shelters for the tens of thousands left homeless on Lombok.

Through the Indonesia Earthquake appeal we’ll distribute food and medical supplies on ground.

Indonesia Earthquake Appeal – Our Trustee’s Story

Ahmed travelled to Indonesia in late July 2018 for a well-deserved summer holiday. Only to find himself amid a terrifying earthquake.

“I saw people fleeing for their lives, screaming for help, it was very traumatic.”

Indonesia Earthquake Appeal Unite 4 Humanity

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Ahmed Zabir

Ahmed was stranded on the island, unable to leave he felt he had to do something.

He immediately made contact with the Unite 4 Humanity team asking for rapid aid response to the Island.

He told the team that the earthquake has destroyed homes and livelihoods – all flattened to the ground in 10 seconds.

Ahmed’s fear was that relief would reach the main tourist resort areas, but the remote areas would remain neglected. Therefore, we need to focus our efforts on delivering aid to the poor and needy people of these isolated areas.

We Need This Aid – Right Now!

Through our Indonesia Earthquake Appeal, U4H is aiming to provide, shelter for the families and vulnerable residents, many of whom are said to be too terrified to return to their homes.

Thousands of homes and buildings have been destroyed and damaged with this powerful magnitude earthquake.

Hundreds of families have been left homeless by the disaster, in desperate need of shelter, clean water, food and medicine. Respiratory illnesses have already been reported, with diseases from contaminated water being another concern.

Indonesia Earthquake Appeal is already catering for such needs, but the need is much greater. We must dig deeper and help these victims.

Some areas still haven’t been reached, due to collapsed bridges, electricity blackouts and damaged roads blocked with debris.

Alhamdullilah, due to our immediate response, aid is now reaching the isolated areas of the island. However, the longer we take the bigger the number of casualties from this natural disaster.

Our Indonesia Earthquake Appeal volunteers are erecting more temporary shelters, food and medical supplies are being distributed, as we speak.

The situation is desperate on the ground. Please donate generously to the Indonesia Earthquake appeal.

History Of Earthquakes In Indonesia

Earthquakes are probably the biggest threat in terms of natural disasters in Indonesia as they come suddenly and can strike in populous areas, such as the bigger cities.

Earthquakes with a magnitude of around five or six on Richter Scale in Indonesia but usually cause no, or little, damage.

When the magnitude of the quake becomes more than seven on the scale of Richter, an earthquake can potentially do a lot of damage.

On average, Indonesia experiences about one earthquake per year with a magnitude of seven, or higher, that causes casualties as well as damage to the infrastructure or environment.

The majority of large earthquakes occur on or near Earth’s tectonic plate boundaries.

On several occasions during the past 20 years, Indonesia has made global headlines due to devastating natural disasters that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of human and animal lives, plus having a destructive effect on the land area (including infrastructure, and thus resulting in economic costs).

Indonesia As A Country

With 18,307 islands and stretching 5,120 kilometres from east to west, Indonesia is famous for it’s natural beauty. It has 139 volcanoes, the third most volcanoes in the world. With 261.1m people calling Indonesia home.

Indonesia is famous for it’s temples, volcanoes and beaches. It’s an archipelago of islands, which embraces culture, food and experiences every time you switch islands, with perfect beaches and encounter smiling faces walking through villages where traditional Islamic life is every day life.

Although, Indonesia has six recognized religions, but it has the largest Muslim population in the world.

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