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100% Donation Policy

Every Single Penny of Your Donation Will Go To The Cause

Unite 4 Humanity operates a 100% donation policy. In other words, this means that every penny you donated to Unite 4 Humanity, whether it is Zakat, Sadaqah or Lillah will strictly be used for charitable purposes.

How Does Our 100% Donation Policy work?

If you donate £10 towards our Yemen Appeal, we will in sha Allah be spending all £10 on a Yemen related project. SIMPLE!

Unite 4 Humanity understands its responsibility when it comes to the handling of donations and is open to any accountability.

We will always use your donations for the project you have donated for. We do not use donation monies for any other purpose apart from for the charitable cause for which you donated.


We Use Every Single Penny of Your Donation for the Cause You Donated For

Sponsor a Food Pack
Donate for Yemen Emergency Appeal. 100% Donation Policy.
Sponsor Iftar Packs
Donate Zakat for the Poor and Needy
Build a Masjid - Donate Online

How Does Unite 4 Humanity Cover its Costs?

Unite 4 Humanity cover its costs by:

  • Donations specified for administration. Alhamdulillah, a lot of brothers and sisters donate towards the running of the Charity.
  • Income and profits generated from Unite 4 Humanity’s charity shop.
    Our charity shop sells new clothes, nearly-new clothes and other items that have been donated to Unite 4 Humanity.
  • Money raised by sponsors (Businesses)
  • The tax reclaimed from the UK government’s Gift Aid scheme. This allows taxpayers to increase the value of their donation by 25%. This additional money is allocated to the charity’s administration fund. (Surplus Gift Aid funds are used for Unite 4 Humanity’s Relief Projects.)

Do You Have Any Questions about Our 100% Donation Policy?

We are very approachable. If any of our donors want to find out more about our 100% donation policy, please email info@u4h.org.uk. We’ll be more than happy to organise a phone call with a charity trustee to explain the policy in detail.

Our Charity Work

Charity Work is so rewarding when you see a smile on a child or the sense of relief on a widow’s face, you pause and think … it was worth all that effort.

Even before the creation of our charity, our team had been carrying out the charity work on 100% Donation Policy basis. Our charitable projects range from emergency response to long projects like setting up educational institutions and helping entrepreneurs set up start-up businesses.

100% Donation Policy – 100% Transparency Policy

As well as our 100% donation policy, Unite 4 Humanity operates with a 100% Transparency Policy as well. Therefore, if any of our donors or someone who is thinking of donating to our causes have any questions about our projects or operations, please get in touch with us.

We always welcome constructive criticism and suggestions about improving our policies, procedures and the way we operate.

100% Zakat Policy

As well as operating 100% Donation Policy on general donations, Unite 4 Humanity also operates 100% Zakat Policy. We do not take out any admin charges or salaries from Zakat money. Above all, we distribute every single penny of your Zakat among the eight categories mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah.

100% Donation Charity Projects

Whether you are

Unite 4 Humanity is certainly guaranteeing that 100% of your donation will be spent on the project you donated for.


You donated £90 to sponsor three Food Packs.

We will certainly be buying three food packs for £90 in the country you selected for your food packs to be distributed in.

However, if at the time of donation you chose the option of Gift Aid, then we will claim £22.50 from HMRC.

This £22.50 will cover the transportation cost and other charity expenses like marketing, postage and administration. Most importantly, money leftover from the Gift Aid (£22.50) will also be used for charitable causes especially for the projects where we might be short of funding.

Donate Your Zakat to 100% Donation Policy Muslim Charity

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a scheme which enables registered charities like Unite 4 Humanity to reclaim tax on a donation made by a UK taxpayer. Reclaiming the tax on the donations will increase the amount of the donation by 25p for every £1.

How Does Gift Aid Helps Charities?

In conclusion, volunteers are the key part of any charity. This is the reason why Unite 4 Humanity and many other 100% Donation Charities, heavily rely on the support of their volunteers. They do not take any wage or salary for their work. However, there are still some costs which have to be paid by the charities e.g. gas, electric, travel, marketing etc. Gift Aid scheme helps charities claim extra 25p from Government for every £1 donated by a UK taxpayer.

With the help of the Gift Aid Scheme and proceeds from our charity shop in Peterborough, Unite 4 Humanity has been able to operate as a 100% Donation Policy Islamic Charity.