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Clean Water Project

It is Unite 4 Humanity’s mission to take clean water projects to every corner of the world. It is everyone’s (Human and Animals) right to have the facility of clean drinking water.

Water is the most important liquid for human survival. Water has been on earth since its beginning. Without water there would be no life on earth. Water makes up about 71% of the Earth’s surface, while the other 29% consists of continents and islands.


Clean Water Project

Water Projects in the World

Due to the advancement in industries across the world and poor sanitation facilities, water contamination is happening all across the developing nations. The brunt of this pollution is also being felt by those communities across the same countries.

Access to clean water and improved sanitation can help lower disease and poverty. It will lead these communities to happier and healthier lives.

Unite 4 Humanity is aiming to setup water filtration facilities across many regions of these countries so that people have access to clean drinking water.

Clean Water Project in Africa

Due to poor sanitation and continuation of droughts many are left without water. A lack of rain and hot weather is causing the lakes and rivers to dry up. Underground Water Levels are going deeper and deeper.

As part of our Clean Water Project, we are aiming to reach far and beyond various African Countries and provide the residents of these villages and towns access to clean drinking water facilities.

What will we do with the Donations Towards Water Project?

With our 100% donation policy we’ll invest your money carefully into the long-term projects. These donations will benefit communities for years to come. We aim to deliver one or a combination of the following depending on the local community needs.

  • Tube Well (They provide clean drinking water as well water for crops and irrigation)
  • Wells (These type of water projects are normally for the areas where the water levels are very low)
  • Installation of Taps and Pumps for Wudu (Janazah Gha and Masajid)
  • Water Filtration Facilities (These are mainly setup near cities. This plant will clean the underground water and make it into drinking water)
  • Water Storage Tanks (Sometimes the distance between the community and the well might be too far, this is where we’ll try to supply water storage tanks for families to store water for their daily use)
  • Hand Pumps (For small communities)

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